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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Four wheels

My Father, me and a car early 80's
Husband has always had a car. Me, never. I don't want one.

Sure thing, he's from the countryside and I've always lived in Helsinki. The difference is massive and I've always been spoiled with the good public transport here. And now when we moved to the suburb a car is handy quite often.

But. Husband still drove everywhere when we lived in Helsinki city center. The real difference there was the mindset. I've always wanted to build my everyday life so that I don't need to drive. I don't like cars. Husband loves them and is convinced that I need and would like to have one too.

So what does Husband do? He regularly suggests different car models to me: "This one would suit you! You'd like this one. This car's image goes together with your style great! This one is eco-friendly!!" I've told him probably thousand times that *I don't want a car*. No effect.

So what is it, honey? Do I need a ride too often? I'm trying not to. And I really like to walk or take the bus, I'm getting free excercise that way. So the only flat tyre I care about is the stroller's. Those four wheels I can't live without.

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