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Sunday, November 11, 2012



Husband wants a snow thrower. I'm not too keen on the idea (they're noisy and polluting) but he motivated his need  with the exhausting amounts of snow we've gotten the last winters. He's right, there's quite much to shovel on our yard.

So when a gardening chain had a great offer for Father's Day we drove there to see the man machine. We didn't find any. A conversation followed between Husband and an Employee:

H: "I read from the newspaper you have this offer for snow throwers."
E: "We don't have any. No room. Maybe some of our other stores has them."

Right. We drove further wondering why there wasn't any info about where the machines are sold and how the personnel can be so poorly informed and uninterested. At the next store we found the snow throwers but there was no info about how long the offer is valid. Another conversation between Husband and another Employee followed:

H: "Um, how long is the offer valid, there wasn't any info...?"
E: "Dunno."
H: "Oh. I'd like one but we don't have a van right now...?"
E: "Oh. I don't know."

Ladies and gentlemen: that wasn't poor service, that was non-service. How poorly does a chain have to treat its employees so they start treating customers like that?

So Husband will need to settle for a book for Father's Day now. We'll go and wake him up soon with the kids. Hope he likes the book at least.

Happy Father's Day!

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