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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A girl in da house

Serving the second generation
I didn't play with dolls as a kid. I really don't know why. I had dolls, I didn't dislike them, but I just didn't play with them. I didn't play too much with other girls either but spent quite much time by myself building Legos. Not surprisingly I didn't turn out to be a great caretaker when I grew up. I can't imagine being a nurse or working at a kindergarten. For me working with processes and systems has always been more natural. And I still don't play with other girls that much.

For some reason I expected Daughter to be like me. First she showed indeed some similar qualities being a fast as lightning, cheerful terminator. But then she found a doll. She had gotten one for her first birthday and soon afterwards she realized how much she liked it. Suddenly she was carrying the doll everywhere hugging, feeding, changing nappies and putting it to bed. I was amazed: we have a girl in the house! (And she's the only one of her kind in here.)

When I realized what a great nanny Daughter is I gave her my old doll as well (it's in a brilliant condition because I didn't let my Sister play with it either). And Daughter is happier than ever. She has twins now!

Note to self, lesson million in parenting: although she's a girl, it doesn't mean she's like me. It can also mean she really is a girl.

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