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Monday, November 19, 2012

A bit longer

After some wondering we decided with Husband that I'll continue being a home mom for still some time. You never know, maybe we'll get a third child, and Daughter is still quite small too. It was't actually an easy decision for me especially when they called from work and asked whether I'd come back when Daughter turns two.

You know, I'm lonely. Bloody lonely. When I stayed at home with Son first I thought it would be easy to hook up with other moms at playgrounds or different activities. Would be lovely to have grown-up company. I'm talkative, shouldn't be a problem. Wrong. I realized very soon that I have absolutely nothing in common with the other females sitting by the sandbox. The kids of course, but that made a nice conversation for 30 seconds. First I tried to chat about something else to make friends. Bad idea. I somehow managed to find moms whose only feature was motherhood. We just were from different planets.

Another thing is that I constantly get the impression that Husband values my input to zero. He'll say things like "how can you be tired, you can do whatever you want all day long and the kids basically take care of themselves". I confronted him about this when we were discussing whether I'd still stay at home with the kids and he assured me how very important my work is. But his chauvinistic attitude can still be seen between the lines. Or more visibly. So it's actually quite unclear to me whether Husband appreciates the hard work I'm doing.

So I've noticed recently that I miss work. I miss talking and working with adults, being appreciated for what I do, receiving some positive feedback every once in a while and earning money of my own.

Bloody hell, what did I promise?

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