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Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank you for your support

Yesterday was the communal election day, so today is the official "thank you all for your support and blahblah" day regardless whether the candidate made it or not.

I think the by far best thing about this election is that Katja made it. She's a mom of two who really cares about things and has practically blogged her way in. A few years of active blogging mostly about family-related issues and discussing with her readers. Zero budget, diamond-strong web prescence and clear opinions did it. I would have voted for her if she didn't live on the wrong side of the city border. My compliments for the good work and congratulations. Keep up the good attitude!

The next best thing is that the populists didn't succeed so well this time. Relief.

But the worst thing, again, is this:

Photo: Facebook / Finland Inc.

Yes, sleeping beauties is the winning party this time too. Such. A. Shame.

And then there's the WTF factor that amazes me after every election day: when I look at the list of people who made it in I can see a long row of ministers, celebrities and politicians who sit in the national parliament. I would never vote for these people for one simple reason: I bet they're not interested nor do they have time for local politics. I'm sure they couldn't care less about traffic lights next to our house or some local school. Of course they candidate because they are great vote magnets, but I rather vote for someone who lives nearby and experiences the local issues.

Also, I bet we won't be seeing the ministers and celebrities attending the meetings for local politics very often. But I'm sure Katja does. And if she doesn't, I can at least go and personally kick her ass.

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