Google+ Bree Bronson's Babies: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maybe next week


I sometimes envy Husband's optimism (I'll get back to that later). Someone in Helsinki got a record-win (12 million Euros) in the Finnish Lotto lottery on Sunday and a couple of days later I got an eager SMS from Husband: "Have you checked your online account, the winning row was played via internet?!"

I consider myself a realist and it didn't cross my mind even for one microsecond that I could have won. Before I checked that I really hadn't I amused myself thinking what I would do with such amount of money. What would I buy, what would I want?

1. I wouldn't start looking for a new house, not now. We just moved (I'll have to come back to that later).

2. I don't want a car (hm, later more about that too).

3. There's nothing I can imagine money could buy to improve my or my loved one's health (some more about that later as well).

4. I don't think I'd quit working, not at least completely. To me, work gives balance and meaning to life.

5. Financially we're hanging there but it would be super awesome to kiss goodbye to all our debts. The first thing I would do, note to self.

6. I hate Finnish winter, one of my dreams is to spend winters abroad somewhere warm. Would do that, definitely.

7. I would absolutely spend on clothes, facials etc. so I would look super fantastic.

8. Yes, at some point I would buy something Very Expensive And Unnecessary just because I could. To see what it feels like.

I don't know if I forgot something really important. If not, the list doesn't look bad at all. Those are actually achievable dreams and I'm rather well off I'd say! I'll try to adopt some of Husband's optimism. Maybe I'll win in the lottery  next week as well.

P.S. Husband seemed genuinely disappointed ("I was so sure you'd won!") when he found out I wasn't the winner. Poor thing!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raisin tree


Kids can be surprisingly clever, mine surprise me every day with something they know or remember. Then there are the...other moments. My son was around 2,5 years old when we had the following conversation while he was eating raisins. I thought I was being a good, educating mother:

- "Do you know where raisins come from?"
- "No...?"
- "They are tiny, dried grapes."
- "NO WAY hahahahahahaaaa!!!"

Talk about credibility issues. He was literally rolling on the floor laughing. Soon he'll be 3,5 years old. I can't wait to have the "where do babies come from" chat with him.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank you for your support

Yesterday was the communal election day, so today is the official "thank you all for your support and blahblah" day regardless whether the candidate made it or not.

I think the by far best thing about this election is that Katja made it. She's a mom of two who really cares about things and has practically blogged her way in. A few years of active blogging mostly about family-related issues and discussing with her readers. Zero budget, diamond-strong web prescence and clear opinions did it. I would have voted for her if she didn't live on the wrong side of the city border. My compliments for the good work and congratulations. Keep up the good attitude!

The next best thing is that the populists didn't succeed so well this time. Relief.

But the worst thing, again, is this:

Photo: Facebook / Finland Inc.

Yes, sleeping beauties is the winning party this time too. Such. A. Shame.

And then there's the WTF factor that amazes me after every election day: when I look at the list of people who made it in I can see a long row of ministers, celebrities and politicians who sit in the national parliament. I would never vote for these people for one simple reason: I bet they're not interested nor do they have time for local politics. I'm sure they couldn't care less about traffic lights next to our house or some local school. Of course they candidate because they are great vote magnets, but I rather vote for someone who lives nearby and experiences the local issues.

Also, I bet we won't be seeing the ministers and celebrities attending the meetings for local politics very often. But I'm sure Katja does. And if she doesn't, I can at least go and personally kick her ass.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

See you, sunshine

The winter time begun officially last night. I've never been a fan of it. If it was up to me, we'd be in summer time all year long. I don't have a slightest clue about how to adjust all the different gadgets around the house so why the heck must we mess around with all the clocks twice a year?!

Then there's the darkness. The amount of daylight gets down to six (6!!) hours a day in winter so I'd definitely rather use them in the afternoon. Now it'll get dark around 5 PM, in December right after 3 PM. Those working during regular office hours will leave to and from work in blackness. That simply sucks. I feel lucky because I get to pick up my son from daycare around noon every day.

So goodbye sunshine, we'll miss you like crazy. See you in March.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The first snow

Finnish media is very reliable. Every autumn we can count on seeing the same headlines: "The first snow took everyone on the road by surprise! TRAFFIC CHAOS!"

This usually happens late November in Southern Finland where I live. What amazes me is that:

1. The snow arrives more or less at the same time every year

2. The weather forecasts do see it coming

...yet everyone's unprepared. Every year.

When the temperature drops below zero celsius, you definitely need proper winter tyres up here. So check out what I woke up to see yesterday morning. I didn't need to check the news headlines, I've seen the weather forecast. The lady next door was wondering how come all the places are fully booked so she can't get her car tyres changed. I wasn't too surprised.

Marry me

- "I've been thinking...should we get, like, babymarried?"
- "What do you mean?"
- "Well, getting engaged."
- "I was engaged once as a teenager, I only want to do it if I'm actually getting married."
- "We can get married."
- "Oh, right. Ok then." (Hang on, did I just propose to myself?!)

That's how my life, as I know it now, started.